The New Queretaro

Queretaro is an old colonial city located in central Mexico with a very rich history and a lot of monuments.


Queretaro is famous by its Roman aqueduct built by the late Marquis of the Villa del Villar del Aguila, an Old Spanish governor.

The city is known for her many convents as well as for having been the city where Emperor Maximilian from Habsburg was executed by the republican forces.

Queretaro has also suffered a tremendous growth because of the migration of people from the capital as a result of her insecurity, size and stressful way of life.

As a result, the young population of the city has increased rather quickly and many schools have been built because of that.

However the city’s old and conventional provincial life style is about to change.


As a result for her fast growth there is a lot of industrial real estate for lease, for there are people who have big plans for the old city.

The project is about a new city outside the city itself, however not just any city, it will be a city of students.

The city will have everything that the students will require such as restaurants, transportation, bars and an enormous compound of dorms.

This will be of great effect on the country’s economy, for many students from all around the world will find the idea a temping one.

This would also be of tremendous help to Mexico City the capital of the country for the place is becoming nearly impossible to live in.

Naturally, a project of this magnitude would bring a lot of capital and would create an enormous amount of jobs for all levels of society.


The sport industry would also flourish a great deal, because of the investment in infrastructure such as stadiums and all sorts of sports arenas.

Tourism will keep flourishing. Nowadays, Queretaro is one of the most attractive cities in the center of the country, because of its colonial buildings, its historical places and its location, just two hours far from Mexico City.

When Queretaro becomes an outstanding place for education and industrial development, it will be an even more interesting attraction for two kinds of travelers, businessmen and lovers of cultural tourism. That will be a reinforcement for the already strong economy.

This would bring Mexico closer to development and would surely put the country into another perspective.

A faster world is a better world

The world is spinning fast into the future and those who stay in the past will succumb to oblivion.

Now on days it is becoming more and more necessary to keep with the technological advances offered by the digital world.


I believe that the day will come when one will not be able to do anything without the usage of technology.

The digital world is designed to go with you wherever you are and to make your life easier at all times.

Applications are devices of the latest technologies that can be downloaded to phone, computer or any other intelligent piece of equipment. Just imagine what it is like for the people of another generation to wonder at the magic of our digital era and to see how, if using it properly, one can make and create amazing things.

Now more than ever it has become crucial for old companies, by old I mean twenty years, to keep up with the moving world and update in the ways the do business. If they fail to do so they will for sure go bankrupt.

I have looked upon the different applications and I have some that I would like to share with you. The apps selected are the following:


If you are currently living in a big and chaotic city this application can be your solution to all your logistical issues.

Waze will provide you with all information about the road ahead of you. It will let you know the shortest way; the easiest way; the conditions of the road; and how to avoid traffic.


This application is ideal for those of us who don’t like to carry cash with them to everywhere you go.

If  you are at a restaurant with your friends you can pay  the one who brought cash immediately  back  with only a few clicks on your phone.


This is the perfect app to give you accessible control of your Gmail account without having to look for a laptop to check all that you have been missing out on.


Brandish is an application designed to make you an expert in those things you like the most. It literarily connects consumers with brands and lets them know all the latest info of their releases.

Now, dear reader, I urge you to get out there and get onboard the ever moving train of the 21st century.

Not Being Heard is no Reason For Silence

In the enormous variety of human characters, there are those who devote their entire time to causes for change and justice.

As a writer I have been able to meet a great deal of people with a great deal of different ideas yet only few have marked my memory. Such was the case of group young men of whom I had the pleasure of meeting not too long ago.


I heard of them through a friend of mine who acts as my ears and eyes when I am not there, for you must understand dear reader, that as a writer I need informants over the sun and under the stones in order to produce material.

These young men are university students who by now are successful entrepreneurs. These young fellows founded a company called Not Being Heard is no Reason for Silence that is dedicated to creative advertisement for noble causes such as fighting the teenage drug abuse as well as a crusade against racism all across America.

I took immediate interest in these young men after having been informed of their existence and decided to ask them for an interview which they merrily accepted.

We agreed upon meeting at a coffee shop near a public football field. I, as I always do, got there earlier than expected in order to prepare my material and sharpen my questions. Exactly ten minutes before the agreed time I saw three young guys, casually dressed, walk into the coffee shop.


I must accept that I did not think much of them at the beginning for they seemed younger than I expected.

They were three of them and of different ethnical background, George a Caucasian; Stanley of Jamaican roots; and Tye of Asian origin.

After having sat down they introduced themselves and asked a great deal of questions to me, so much so that at a certain point it seemed to me that I was being the interviewed. That is something that I have learned from the very successful, that they are very curious folk.

When I asked them about their business they told me in detail what it is and how it came about.

The company’s core business as I have mentioned before is advertisement focused on noble causes, however where they advertise is the interesting feature. Because they say that mankind ignores small things it is precisely in small or rather the unnoticed things where they advertise, such as in lamps, carpets, and furniture. However the largest and most widely used gadget are bleachers seats.


Bleacher seats unnoticed as they may pass are crucial to a show, performance or ceremony. Without them people cannot sit and their attention to anything that may happen in the arena would be much lessened.

As a metaphor for giving a voice to those whose cries are silent they produce and furnish stadiums with handsomely advertised bleacher seats, whose message glows at night similar to the northern lights, catching the spectator’s eye at all times.

Now that I think about it the phrase “Not being herd is no reason for silence”, written by Victor Hugo, is a perfect name for the company of the young entrepreneurs.

Languages You Must Learn to Succeed in Business

Nowadays, mastering a foreign language is neither a choice nor an extra mark in your curriculum; it is a fundamental requirement for anyone trying to make a career in Academics, Science, Trade or Business.

Even if you are a native speaker of one of the most used languages in the world, like Chinese or English, you probably want to broaden your horizons; therefore, you need to study, work and travel internationally and your experience will be quite enlightening if you speak and understand the languages of the countries you visit.


The following are the most important languages in today’s business world:


Although not the language with the major number of speakers, English is the most employed language in Science, Technology, Trade and Business. It is the preferred language to write books, papers, legal statements and manuals to be spread internationally.


The most important and productive companies around the world try to find business partners in China. That’s their way to access high quality technologies and lower costs of production.


Being one of the strongest countries of the European Union, Germany is a country to look forward for business relations. German is also spoken in Switzerland and Austria. It is definitely a language you must learn if you set your business targets in Europe.


French is spoken around the five continents and you must know it, at least on a basic level, if you want to study or work at the province of Quebec, in Canada.


When Brazil became one of the most productive and economically stable countries of the Mercosur, learning Portuguese became a trend. Even though Brazilian economy may suffer some disturbances, the country remains as an interesting business partner.


Along with Chinese, this may be one of the most challenging languages to learn. But if you master it at some level, the reward will be huge. The United Arab Emirates are the economic giant of the Middle East and the country with whom you want to do business in that region.